No. 1 leading distributor of Japanese cosmetic in U.S.A.

Oceana USA was founded in 2003. Our main activities are distributing variety of Japanese beauty items to Asian communities in the US market.

Our wide product range covers Japan’s most updated trend of skin cares, color items and other beauty goods. Oceana USA is exclusive US distributor of Kose Sekkisei, Dear Laura (pa and eternal), Liberta (Baby Foot), Cuore (Tattoo Eyeliner series), D.U.P, Fits Cooperation, and more. Also we are an authorized distributor of Platinum Electric Roller “ReFa PRO”.

News Release

2014.12.30Exhibition at ASIAN AMERICAN EXPO 2015
2014.11.03ReFa Holiday Campaign!
2014.10.02NOV, a dermatological skin care brand has launched in the U.S.
2014.10.02San Francisco’s ULTIMATE WOMEN’S EXPO
2014.08.13KOSE SEKKISEI Fall Promotion has been started!

Our Products

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